What is Osteopathy?

The emphasis is in treating the whole

When people hear 'osteo' they immediately think of bones but osteopathy refers to much more than our skeletal system.

It is so named because it is the reference of a balanced framework of not only bones but nervous tissue (nerves), blood vessels and lymphatic vessels where if all are able to flow properly, good health will follow

manual osteopathic treatment includes techniques to promote balance within these structures. It goes to reason if things are allowed to flow freely without obstruction good health will follow.

our bodies have the amazing natural capacity to heal if given the opportunity. with the demands of life we tend to get overloaded with stress, poor posture, poor sleep habits and a less than balanced lifestyle. And yet our bodies can function with these demands we place on our ourselves without respite, for a while. and while we maintain our hectic demanding lifestyles things start to breakdown.