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    What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a complementary therapy that aims to balance all systems in your body via non invasive manual techniques. The emphasis is in treating you as a whole. 

When people hear 'osteo' they immediately think of bones but osteopathy refers to much more than just your skeletal system.

It is so named because of the reference to the framework provided by the structures of not only bones but also of blood vessels, nervous tissue (nerves), and lymphatic vessels where if all are able to flow to and from their required destinations without obstruction, good health inevitably results.

Manual osteopathic treatment includes hands on techniques to promote balance and ease within these structures. 

Our bodies have the amazing innate capacity to heal if given the opportunity. With the continuing demands of life we tend to let ourselves get overloaded with stress, poor posture, poor sleep habits and a less than balanced lifestyle. And yet our bodies continue to function, for as long as it can (which can be a surprising length of time), until it stops being as patient with our neglect and simply cannot keep up. Eventually things start to break down without our attention or appropriate care which is sometimes what it takes for us to pause and reassess that perhaps continuing on as we always have may not be in our long term benefit.

Osteopathy helps to check in with yourself. Realign what is needed and provide ease to your system with an opportunity for recovery and rest.

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