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muscle activation techniqes toronto

In the fall of 2022, I developed a persistent twitch in my lower left eyelid after helping my daughter for several months after the birth of her third child.
I proceeded with massage therapy and chiropractic treatments but the twitching did not completely dissipate.
Upon the recommendation of my trainer as well as my chiropractor, I went to see Mary Ann Lee.
Within the first session, she was able to help me substantially decrease the frequency and duration of the eye twitch. After the second session, the twitch completely went away.
Since then, I visit Mary Ann regularly for a full body tune up. I consider this a preventative step to ensure I am in tip top shape to lead an active balanced lifestyle.
What can you expect when you are with Mary Ann? I have found that she takes the time to “check in” with you before she starts her treatment.
Her intuitive hands and ability to read her patient are key factors to the success of her treatment plan. Personally, I appreciate that she takes the time to explain what and why she is doing a particular move. On many occasions, I have learned that my problem area is caused by an imbalance in another part of the body or over compensation. She has helped me be more attuned to my body and its signals.
At the end of every session, she sends you off with exercises to help you improve further. I value a health practitioner that lets me take charge of my well being by being a part of the solution.
Mary Ann’s broad base of knowledge (she is always taking a course to upgrade her osteopathic knowledge base!) means she is always at the leading edge of best practices.
I can’t recommend her highly enough.


As a 66 year old woman who experienced a car accident, I was facing numerous challenges with walking, climbing stairs, and even getting up from the floor. Despite my weekly physiotherapy sessions, I felt the need for additional assistance.

Remembering my past work with Mary Ann, I decided to reach out to her for help. Mary Ann, understanding my goal of regaining my pre-accident condition, developed a comprehensive plan for me. This plan incorporated osteopathic treatment, muscle activation technique (MAT), and resistance training. Thanks to Mary Ann's expertise and dedication, I no longer require physiotherapy. I can now walk and climb stairs without experiencing any pain, and I no longer view picking things up from the floor as a daunting task. Life has truly improved for me! Mary Ann not only aided in my recovery, she also designed a plan that I can continue using to achieve my health goals now and in the future. Mary Ann is incredibly knowledgeable , focused, understanding, and an absolute delight to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.


I met Mary Ann Lee when I was looking for a trainer with a background in Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) to treat chronic shoulder instability.  Her expertise was evident from day one and her whole body approach to training showed quick and sustainable results in both my shoulder and core strength.

I was impressed with Mary Ann's knowledgeable approach to building strength, her intuitive ability and her deliberate push to build overall conditioning.  I am grateful for the significant improvement in my shoulder and my ability to add broader workouts as a result.




I have been training with Mary Ann for 15 years.  After my second child I had gained quite a bit of weight and decided to join a gym and invest in a personal trainer.  I was in very poor shape and my initial sessions with Mary Ann taught me that the simplest movements done properly provide great benefit to the body.  She knows exactly how hard to push and has a gentle way to make me think about what I'm doing.  Mary Ann is not just my trainer but my teacher.  Over the years she has expanded and shared her knowledge in not only exercise but in diet and overall well being of mind and body.  I lost over 30 pounds when we first started working together and when I was in a car accident she help me get my range of motion back in my arms and shoulders.  Finally, it's because of her that I'm able to manage my current autoimmune condition.  I've had other trainers during the years but none compare to Mary Ann in terms of skill and knowledge.  When I retire she will be part of my retirement plan so that I can continue to be healthy and mobile for many years to come.




I first started working with Mary Ann 10 years ago because of severe lower back pain. She helped me strengthen my core and back muscles with complete resolution of the pain and no recurrence. Most recently, I've been having weekly training sessions with Mary Ann to gain strength and become more fit, both of which are happening.  I keep returning because of Mary Ann's expertise in weight training, fitness and nutrition; her deep caring and awareness of just what needs to be worked on; her intelligence and scepticism regarding the latest fads; and her focus on gym/life balance as well as the importance of seeking joy/having fun.  Mary Ann has also helped me see that I am stronger than I thought I was or could be, and that having self-compassion is as essential in training and fitness as it is elsewhere.  Mary Ann is very knowledgeable (about anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition etc.) trustworthy and understanding, but also fierce on behalf of developing one's strongest and fittest self.  I wouldn't train with anyone else.


As a person in their mid 40's I look around and see the impact of my past choices and candidly do not like what I see. Seeking to limit the impact of these choices has lead me to commit to a healthier lifestyle.  As part of this change a close friend referred  Mary Ann.  Not being a fan of gyms or 'trainers' I was skeptical.  This was misplaced.  Mary Ann's approach is deeply grounded in a genuine desire to make a difference, knowledge, advanced training and professionalism.

Mary Ann's combination of Muscle Activation Techniques and resistance training have been deeply impactful to my overall health.  The maxim of 'no pain, no gain' has been banished.  I've learned to listen to my body and as a result am both stronger and more balanced.  It still amazes me when Mary Ann checks my range of motion during a session, utilizes Muscle Activation Techniques and my range of motion improves.  It is truly remarkable and unlike anything else that I have experienced.

If you want real, functional improvements to your strength then I unreservedly recomend Mary Ann.


Mary Ann truly is the consummate professional who really cares about your health and well being.  She is passionate about her work and is always striving to further her education along with her real work experience.  Attaining mastery level with Muscle Activation Techniques and Resistance Training Specialist are examples of this.  If there is one word to sum your experience with her it would be effectiveness.  She will work hard to ensure you're getting the most from your workout while at the same time making sure you're not putting your body under any undue strain.  Highly recommended.


In the spring of 2014 I was growing increasingly frustrated at my recovery from various surgeries.  At 55 years old I had experienced 2 years of successive knee operations that prohibited me from my daily jogging runs which I had been doing uninterrupted for over 30 years.

The doctors had told me I would never run again.  Every time I saw someone running, I would pine for the days of a pain free 5 min run.  Fortunately I found Mary Ann through a referral at the Adelaide Club.

Mary Ann introduced me to Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT).  MAT was an entirely new concept for me.  Basically it is a mindful way to strengthen all the muscles, not just the big ones we are so used to using.

Rather than mindlessly lifting big iron, MAT is a very exhausting process to fire up the smaller muscles.  MAT takes some getting used to however without the 2x/week workouts with Mary Ann I would have never been able to run again.  Because of MAT I am now running like a 30 year old (well sort of).


Mary Ann is a very knowledgeable and very experienced personal trainer.  She listens to my needs and has a demeanor that has engendered my trust which I feel is necessary to help me achieve my health goals.  I am confident in her skills as an exercise professional and feel safe under her careful monitoring and cueing as she guides me through my sessions. Mary Ann is the perfect trainer for me and I feel that she could help anyone meet their training goals.



Mary Ann has positively transformed my fitness, my wellness and my commitment to both.  Her dedication to lifelong development optimizes what we accomplish together.  I absolutely recommend her as an amazing trainer that will inspire positive change with great results!




Mary Ann is the seventh Trainer I've worked with, and she is definitely the most knowledgeable about body mechanics and the most caring about her clients. My body has gone through a lot of trauma over the years, so Mary Ann uses Muscle Activation Techniques at the beginning of each session to help my brain fire up the correct muscles for the different motions, and again at the end of each session just to make sure that my body liked what we did. During the exercises, it seems that Mary Ann is focused on my activities even more than I am - so she's very quick to catch an incorrect motion or angle. I would strongly recommend Mary Ann to anyone looking for help with getting healthier and stronger.



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