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muscle activation techniques toronto

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As we age, due to lifestyle changes, workplace demands, and the mishmash of life's variables thrown our way, it's easy to lose strength and flexibility.

Muscle Activation Techniques (MATm)


With over 600 muscles in your body there's an assumption that all are contributing on a daily basis. But with life's multitude of stresses muscles can shut down and make you feel like you don't move with the ease you used to.  Sometimes with proper sleep and recovery you feel better, but sometimes you need a little help.  MAT is a tool to help your muscles contract better.  The better they contract, the stronger you are and the better you'll feel.  


To find out more about MAT click here.


Resistance Training Specialist (RTSm)  


Your muscles contract by design to produce force.  They respond best when they're pushed just the right amount.  Too much and you're sore for days, too little and there's nothing to recover from (keeping in mind that it's in the recovery that we get the benefits of the exercise, not the exercise itself).


There's no reason to conform to exercises that don't feel good.  Your joint structure and current abilities dictate what you can do which makes CUSTOMIZATION paramount.  No matter where you're starting from working together, we can establish an appropriate starting point and progress from there. 








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